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Purveyor of Wholesale Construct

A Red-Hot Proletarian, Entertaining Violent Opinions

Purveyor in Wholesale Construct
everything you ever wanted to know (about me):

I grew up in a small town near the Illinois/Wisconsin border.
I ran away when I was 17 and traveled around the country until I found a place that begged me to stay.
I believe we all have good and evil in us, and every living thing carries a spark of divinity.

call it god if you want.

I may want to crush your particular spark of divinity if you do not utilize a turn signal before you cross into my lane.
I generally try to tip the balance of the world in favor of good, versus evil.

I'm serious, I will smite you if you don't use your turn signal.

music geek
book geek
movie geek

I was raised by magazine-selling wolves. it explains everything.

go now. mention this to no one.

Mission Statement:

To be a Renaissance Woman, or failing that, to know just enough about every subject in life to be horribly annoying to engage in conversation. Because, no matter what you say, I'll be like, "Yeah I know," and you'll be like, "STFU I have a Masters in that, bitch!OMGWTFF! And you know everything now? Because you watch the fucking Discovery Channel and rented the first two seasons of Penn & Teller: Bullshit! from the library?"

every little letter copyright 2001-2021

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