mouthy broad

life as usual

We got Thing 1 moved out, and Thing 2 contacted us to say he'd been kicked out of transitional housing in Kansas City for failing to find a job in the FIVE days after he was laid off from Family Dollar. We had a series of discussions with his old caseworker and therapist and agreed to come get him. Of course, the morning Nick went to pick him up and they stopped at McDonald's, the manager asked Thing 2 if he was still looking for a job...

As an aside, Thing 1 became incensed when we asked for his key back, and now he's not speaking to us. To be honest, his mood swings is one of the reasons why we don't like him having a key when he isn't living with us.

Nick and I both feel like we're stuck in the shallows, getting pounded by crashing waves. I really need life to be less turbulent. We have nothing to offer either of the boys besides a roof. Kansas is fucking awful when it comes to helping people when they need it. I really hope we haven't completely fucked over Thing 2's chances for state aid by taking him in for a bit. They'll use any excuse to kick people off the rolls, especially foster kids who have aged out.

Somedays I really get why my mom put up with my dad's bullshit so she could lay in bed all day. Having high ACEs and careening from one crisis to the next makes me TIRED. I am so tired. Bone tired.