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Amana, take duh

No torrents of rain kept us from our path, unlike last year. We visited Amana Colonies and HIT IT HARD. Kind of. I think Thing 2 got his first taste of How Boring Grown-up Vacations Can Be. We tasted and bought a multitude of beers and wines, drooled over woolen products, and salivated over hand-carved nightstands in the heart of Mennonite country. Thing 2 waited patiently and counted the minutes until he could get back in the hotel pool. Over the last six years, we've made a near-perfect compass rose of weekend trips in Kansas and the surrounding states. On the drive home, we brainstormed and came up with next year's Labor Day weekend trip: Eureka Springs. I'm sorrynotsorry, Thing 2. Next year will be a doozy.

In school news, my Global Studies class is tits, my Abnormal Psych class is even more tits, and my Science Fiction class is full of all the blowhards I try to avoid at C2E2. Damn the luck. At least the professor's cool and reels them back to the point every ten minutes or so.

In work news, the new director seems cool. I brainstormed with him today on how to solve a problem that came up, and I think he'll be a great resource. In other work news, I had a devastating moment today that gutted me. It's hard to work in animal healthcare, sometimes. I get attached and leave myself open to heartbreak. I love these creatures more than I love some people. But that's how I'm made. I slow down to avoid squirrels in the road and my heart skips a beat every time a cat darts in front of my car. People, on the other hand, meh. Stealth came up to me as soon as I walked in the door. He knew I was upset, and changed his routine in order to cuddle me and purr me back to normal. I love all of you animal hearts. Even the ones that beat a wilder and colder blood.

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