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The problem with Facebook...

is that everyone's on it. Sometimes I want to post links to stuff I find interesting, but I don't because my co-workers might see it, or someone who might be offended because they're politically or religiously the opposite of me. I enjoy having people from different walks of life as acquaintances--until I don't.

I could go through and cut the list down to just relatives and lifelong friends, but then I'd see the local people and have to have that talk about "Why did you take me off of your Friends List?" which is a conversation I've had, after a mutual friend's bitter break-up (Nick chose the guy, I chose the girl--but they were the ones who said "if you're friends with him/her, you can't be friends with me").

And not all of the people I'm closest to are the most interesting, newsfeed-wise. Some people, I can barely stand. Their status updates and links, however, are far more entertaining than the earnest updates of my blood relatives. Facebook as schadenfreude enabler.

I have ex-boyfriends who became just friends, ex-roommates who got me through some pretty tumultuous times in my life, kindred spirit co-workers I like who moved on to other jobs or stayed behind when I left, and people from grade school who turned out to be way more awesome than I could have ever guessed. A few people actually looked me up on Facebook because I'd meant a lot to them and I'd never realized it: kids I babysat, old classmates, old co-workers. Facebook means you never have to say goodbye.

And then there are the frenemies, the ones you keep closer as a battle strategy. I feel compelled to keep tabs on a half-dozen or so, not because I like them, but because I have to keep an eye on what they do in case it affects me or my family. Facebook as police scanner and gossip conduit.

I could close down my account, but a few of my friends are not the type for phone calls or letters. I'm not either, so Facebook is how we stay in touch. Also, Facebook has become the default way to invite people to parties and family functions. So I guess it's necessary. But, sometimes--I dream of a pre-Facebook world.

I have about 350 "friends" on Facebook, contacts that range from people who've changed my diapers to people whose diapers I've changed. When that number goes down, I don't fret. I sigh with relief.

I guess I'm as much of an introvert online as I am in the real world. I'm thankful I've kept this journal going. I've always written best when I didn't care who read it. I'll keep my Facebook profile going, but I'll start posting links and thoughts here, where I feel a little more freedom. Where it seems a little quieter.

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Aug. 12th, 2013 01:16 am (UTC)
I feel a lot the same way.
FB only gets my little stuff. If I have something to say, it goes here...or not at all.
Aug. 12th, 2013 06:47 am (UTC)
You can make a list within your Friends list, and post things to just people on that list. I do that sometimes.
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